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Understanding the FTMO Trading Rules: A Comprehensive Guide

    It’s essential to have an insight into all the rules and regulations in trading. This all-inclusive guide will give you different valuable insights on FTMO trading rules, opportunities for funded trading, and what it takes to interact with the world of FTMO trading. FTMO is a leading company wherein traders can show their trading talents and manage funds up to $400,000. However, before becoming an FTMO trader, you must first learn the rules of trading that the company has established. These are made so that traders would show their talent, discipline, and adherence to provided trading objectives.

    By fully grasping all the FTMO trading rules, you will exploit your trading potential to enhance better odds at success. From the FTMO Challenge, which acts as an entry step, through the subsequent Verification stage, testing your skills and consistency, each step plays a vital role in how qualified you are to become a trader for FTMO. In this manual, we detail the FTMO trading process that incorporates the FTMO Challenge and Verification stages. We will get to learn the requirements, trading periods, and objectives you have to realize as you seek to move forward through each evaluation program.

    In addition, you will learn the importance of proper risk management in trading and how emotions can affect your decision-making. We will also show you how to develop good trading habits and get a proper understanding of the FTMO scaling plan that will be provided to you so you will get the best from your trading experience. You should complete this guide with full knowledge of FTMO trading rules and be ready to continue with the adventure of becoming an FTMO trader, managing solid funds, and enjoying all the advantages that a profitable profit split brings.

    Overview of the FTMO Evaluation Process

    The FTMO evaluation process is a challenging two-step procedure aiming to find and develop trading talents. The method includes the FTMO Challenge and the Verification stage.

    The FTMO Challenge

    The proving stage, or the FTMO challenge, allows traders to present their insight and discipline during trading; in other words, showing their prowess and follow pre-defined objectives of trading. A testing process that allows participants to prove their ability to trade and eventually win the right to manage a fund of up to $400,000. The challenge lies only in establishing your consistency and showing an effective way of handling the risks.

    The Verification

    This tests traders further; they must prove that it is possible to replicate success under modified rules. The traders pass through the 60-day training period on performance and consistency using the demo account. In this aspect, it measures the level of risk management efficiency by a trader and whether consistent positive results are maintained. FTMO ensures that only the most knowledgeable and disciplined trade is out there.

    The FTMO Evaluation Process is designed to identify and develop trading talent with a mission of growth and an opportunity to manage considerable capital.


    Stage Description
    FTMO Challenge A proving ground where traders showcase their trading insight and discipline
    Verification Tests traders’ skills and verifies their ability to replicate previous success under modified rules

    FTMO Challenge: The Crucial First Step

    The FTMO Challenge serves as the crucial first step in the evaluation process. Traders participating in this challenge embark on a journey to showcase their trading skills and prove their potential to manage significant funds. This section explores the essential aspects of the FTMO Challenge, including the fees, rules, and trading period.

    The FTMO Challenge is designed to assess traders’ abilities and adherence to prudent risk management practices. It offers participants an unlimited trading period, allowing them to trade at their own pace while demonstrating consistency and discipline. Traders are required to commit a minimum of four trading days to showcase their trading prowess.

    To ensure responsible trading and mitigate risks, the FTMO Challenge incorporates specific rules and limits. Traders must implement maximum daily loss and maximum loss limits to control the downside risks. These risk management measures help safeguard traders’ capital and demonstrate their ability to manage risk effectively.

    The primary objective of the FTMO Challenge is to achieve a specific profit target. This target provides traders with a clear goal to strive for, incentivizing them to employ proven trading strategies and techniques. Additionally, traders are required to pay a refundable entry fee, adding a further motivation to excel in the challenge and showcase their trading expertise.

    FTMO Challenge

    By successfully completing the FTMO Challenge, traders position themselves for the next stage of the evaluation process, the Verification. This initial step examines their trading ability, risk management skills, and discipline, setting them on the path to becoming an FTMO Trader and managing substantial funds.

    The Verification: Seal of Authenticity

    The Verification stage is a crucial step in the FTMO evaluation process, where traders’ skills and discipline are rigorously tested to ensure their authenticity and ability to consistently perform. During this stage, traders undergo a comprehensive 60-day training period using a demo account.

    Throughout the FTMO Verification stage, traders are required to meet specific trading objectives that include:

    1. Minimum trading days
    2. Maximum daily loss
    3. Maximum loss
    4. Profit targets

    These objectives serve as benchmarks to evaluate a trader’s risk-management abilities and consistency in achieving profitable outcomes.

    To successfully pass the Verification stage, traders must demonstrate their aptitude for managing risks while consistently generating profits. This stage ensures that only the most competent and disciplined traders progress to become FTMO Traders.

    Benefits of the FTMO Verification stage

    • Establishes a rigorous evaluation process to ensure traders possess the necessary skills and discipline
    • Tests traders’ risk-management abilities and consistency in achieving profitable outcomes
    • Provides a comprehensive 60-day training period to fine-tune trading strategies and techniques
    • Verifies a trader’s ability to replicate previous success under modified trading rules

    By completing the FTMO Verification stage, traders can confidently showcase their abilities and move forward in their journey to becoming successful FTMO Traders.

    FTMO Verification

    FTMO Challenge FTMO Verification
    Duration Unlimited trading period 60-day training period
    Account Type Real account with specified trading objectives Demo account with specific trading objectives
    Objective Demonstrate trading insight and discipline Verify consistent performance and adherence to trading rules
    Evaluation Criteria Profit targets, maximum daily loss, maximum loss Profit targets, maximum daily loss, maximum loss

    Becoming an FTMO Trader

    After successfully completing the FTMO evaluation process, traders have the opportunity to become FTMO Traders and take their trading career to the next level. As an FTMO Trader, you gain access to several benefits and opportunities that can lead to long-term success in the financial markets.

    Account Management and Profit Sharing:

    As an FTMO Trader, you have the privilege of managing accounts with capital of up to $300,000. This capital is provided by FTMO, allowing you to trade with the confidence and resources necessary to pursue substantial profits. One of the key benefits of being an FTMO Trader is the profit sharing arrangement. Initially set at 70%, this profit split rewards your successful trades and incentivizes you to consistently achieve profitable results.

    FTMO Account Scaling:

    FTMO understands the importance of account growth for traders. Hence, a scaling plan is in place to allow successful traders to increase their account balances and profit potential. By meeting specific performance targets, such as a 10% increase in account balance over four consecutive months, you can qualify for account scaling. This means that you can double your capital and enjoy even greater profit sharing percentages, providing further opportunities for growth and financial success.

    Operational Freedom and Support:

    As an FTMO Trader, you are not limited by rigid trading restrictions or micro-management. You have the freedom to implement your own trading strategies, techniques, and instruments of choice. This level of autonomy allows you to fully express your trading expertise and creativity, ultimately leading to more profitable opportunities. Additionally, FTMO provides comprehensive support, tools, and resources to assist you in your trading journey. Whether you need technical assistance, risk management guidance, or performance evaluation, FTMO is there to help you succeed.

    FTMO Trader

    “Becoming an FTMO Trader is the gateway to managing substantial capital, enjoying profit sharing, and gaining access to operational freedom and support.”

    Benefits of Being an FTMO Trader:

    Benefit Description
    Capital Management Opportunity to manage accounts up to $300,000.
    Profit Sharing 70% profit split initially, with potential for higher percentages through account scaling.
    Account Scaling Possibility to double your capital and increase profit sharing percentages.
    Operational Freedom Freedom to implement your own trading strategies and choose preferred instruments.
    Support and Resources Access to comprehensive support, tools, and resources for trading success.

    Money = Emotions: The Importance of Risk Management

    Emotions can significantly influence trading decisions, making risk management a crucial aspect of successful trading. While the potential earnings may seem enticing, it is essential for traders to prioritize risk management strategies to ensure consistent profitability and minimize losses. Succumbing to emotional impulses can lead to costly mistakes, violations of risk management rules, and ultimately, unnecessary financial setbacks.

    To effectively manage risks, traders should concentrate on several key factors:

    1. Signal Strength: Careful evaluation of trading signals can help traders make informed decisions based on market analysis and indicators. Relying on well-defined entry and exit points can reduce the influence of emotions and guide traders towards more rational trading choices.
    2. Adherence to the Trading Plan: Following a well-structured trading plan can serve as a safeguard against impulsive actions guided by emotions. Traders should establish clear rules and guidelines for entry and exit strategies, position sizing, and risk-reward ratios. Sticking to the plan can minimize the impact of emotional fluctuations on trading decisions.
    3. Risk-Reward Ratio: Maintaining a favorable risk-reward ratio is crucial for successful risk management. Traders should carefully assess potential profits relative to potential losses on each trade, ensuring that potential gains outweigh potential risks. By focusing on potential rewards rather than emotional impulses, traders can objectively evaluate trade opportunities.

    By shifting their focus from the potential earnings to strategic risk management, traders can better control their emotions and make sound trading decisions. Keeping emotions in check allows traders to approach the market with a rational mindset, reducing the likelihood of impulsive and emotion-driven actions that can lead to unnecessary losses.

    Expert Insight:

    “Trading is not an arena for unchecked emotions. It requires discipline, rational decision-making, and a solid risk management plan. By prioritizing risk management guidelines, traders can mitigate emotional influences and increase their chances of consistent profitability.”

    FTMO risk management guidelines

    Top Emotions in Trading and Their Impact

    Emotion Impact on Trading Decisions
    Fear May lead to premature exits, missed opportunities, and reluctance to take calculated risks.
    Greed Can result in overtrading, excessive risk-taking, and failure to secure profits.
    Impatience May cause impulsive decisions, such as entering trades prematurely or exiting prematurely.
    Revenge Can lead to revenge trading after a significant loss, resulting in impulsive and high-risk trades.
    Overconfidence May lead to disregard for risk management, inflated trade sizes, and excessive exposure.

    Focusing on risk management guidelines and maintaining a disciplined approach can help traders make objective decisions and navigate market volatility more effectively.

    Pips Instead of Money: Developing Good Trading Habits

    In the world of trading, success is often measured by the number of trading pips gained rather than the amount of money earned. This shift in perspective can help traders develop good habits and achieve consistent profitability. By focusing on trading pips, traders can trade like a machine, following a disciplined approach and executing trades with precision.

    When traders set fixed risk-reward ratios, they can determine their profit and loss targets in terms of pips. This approach brings clarity and removes the emotional attachment to money, allowing traders to concentrate on executing their trading plan with confidence. By viewing trading in terms of pips, traders can distance themselves from the potential emotions associated with monetary gains or losses.

    Developing good trading habits involves discipline, consistency, and resistance to unwanted emotions. By concentrating on the accumulation of pips, traders can establish a structured trading routine and adhere to their risk management guidelines. This disciplined approach reduces impulsive trading decisions driven by emotions and increases the likelihood of consistent profitability.

    “Trade like a machine. Develop consistent habits. Stick to your strategy. Focus on the pips, not the money. That’s how you build a solid foundation for long-term success in trading.”

    The Benefits of Focusing on Pips:

    • Eliminates emotional bias: By shifting the focus to pips, traders can detach themselves from the emotional highs and lows associated with monetary gains or losses.
    • Increases consistency: Trading pips provides a more consistent and standardized measure of performance, enabling traders to track their progress over time.
    • Enhances risk management: Viewing trading in terms of pips helps traders establish fixed risk-reward ratios and set realistic profit and loss targets.
    • Builds confidence: Achieving consistent pips reinforces traders’ confidence in their trading strategies and abilities, leading to increased self-assurance.

    Trading pips provide traders with a clear and objective way to measure their progress. By trading like a machine and focusing on pips instead of money, traders can develop good habits, improve their trading skills, and ultimately achieve consistent profitability.

    Trading Pips

    Understanding FTMO Scaling Plan

    FTMO offers a comprehensive scaling plan for successful traders, allowing them to increase their account balances and achieve greater financial growth. The FTMO scaling plan is designed to incentivize traders to consistently perform well and manage their accounts effectively.

    Traders looking to participate in the scaling program must meet specific criteria to qualify for the increased account balance and expanded trading opportunities.

    To be eligible for scaling, traders must achieve a minimum 10% increase in their account balance over four consecutive months. This demonstrates their ability to generate consistent profits and manage their trades effectively.

    By meeting the scaling requirements, traders have the opportunity to not only double their capital but also benefit from increased loss limits. This allows for more flexibility in managing risk and pursuing profitable trading strategies.

    The FTMO scaling plan aims to encourage traders to focus on steady gains and reduce risks, promoting a disciplined and sustainable trading approach. It rewards traders for their success and provides them with the support they need to continue growing their trading accounts.

    With the FTMO scaling plan, traders have the opportunity to take their trading to the next level and maximize their account growth. It is a testament to their skills, discipline, and ability to consistently generate profits in the financial markets.

    Benefits of the FTMO Scaling Plan:

    • Increased account balance
    • Expanded trading opportunities
    • Higher loss limits
    • Potential for greater profits
    • Support for sustainable and disciplined trading

    FTMO Scaling Plan

    How to Become an FTMO Trader

    Becoming an FTMO Trader is an exciting opportunity for traders looking to showcase their skills and manage significant capital. To achieve this coveted position, traders must successfully navigate the FTMO Challenge and the subsequent account verification process.

    The FTMO Challenge: Meeting Trading Objectives

    The FTMO Challenge is the first step towards becoming an FTMO Trader. Traders are required to meet specific trading objectives and demonstrate their expertise in the financial markets. This includes showcasing disciplined trading strategies, effective risk management techniques, and consistent profitability.

    During the FTMO Challenge, traders have the freedom to choose their preferred trading style and instruments. They must also adhere to strict risk management guidelines, ensuring that maximum daily loss and maximum loss limits are not exceeded.

    “The FTMO Challenge acts as a proving ground for traders to demonstrate their ability to meet trading objectives and adhere to our stringent rules and regulations.” – FTMO Spokesperson

    Account Verification: Ensuring Trading Proficiency

    Once traders successfully complete the FTMO Challenge, they proceed to the account verification stage. This involves a 60-day trading period with minimum requirements that must be met.

    During the verification stage, traders are evaluated based on their trading performance, adherence to the specified trading objectives, and risk management capabilities. The goal is to verify that traders can replicate their previous success and maintain consistency under modified rules.

    Traders enjoy the freedom to choose their trading style and instruments during the verification process, providing them with the flexibility they need to showcase their skills and expertise.

    A Transformative Journey Towards Financial Success

    Becoming an FTMO Trader is a transformative journey that provides traders with the opportunity to manage accounts up to $300,000 and receive a profitable profit split. Successful traders also have the chance to further increase their account balances through the FTMO scaling plan.

    The evaluation process ensures that only traders with proven trading expertise, discipline, and a track record of consistent profitability become FTMO Traders. By meeting the FTMO Challenge and excelling in the account verification stage, traders can embark on a rewarding career in the financial markets.

    Are you ready to take on the FTMO Challenge and become an FTMO Trader?

    Benefits of Becoming an FTMO Trader Requirements to Become an FTMO Trader
    Opportunity to manage accounts up to $300,000 Successfully pass the FTMO Challenge
    Profitable profit split, initially set at 70% Complete the account verification process
    Potential for further account scaling Demonstrate trading proficiency and consistency
    Operational freedom and access to support Adhere to risk management guidelines

    See what traders have to say about the FTMO experience:

    • “FTMO has provided me with the opportunity to showcase my trading skills and grow my capital. The evaluation process was rigorous but fair, and the support from the FTMO team has been exceptional.” – Mark R.
    • “Becoming an FTMO Trader has been a game-changer for my trading career. The funding, profit split, and operational freedom have allowed me to take my trading to new heights.” – Sarah T.
    • “The FTMO Challenge and account verification process have helped me refine my trading strategies and become more disciplined. It has been an invaluable learning experience that has boosted my confidence as a trader.” – David L.

    FTMO Trader

    FTMO Conclusion

    FTMO provides exciting trading opportunities for talented and disciplined traders who successfully pass the evaluation process. Once traders become FTMO Traders, they gain access to substantial capital, enjoy a profitable profit split, and experience operational freedom.

    The evaluation process ensures that only traders with the necessary expertise and discipline become part of the FTMO community. Traders who demonstrate their trading skills and meet the specified trading objectives are rewarded with the chance to manage significant funds.

    Becoming an FTMO Trader is a transformative journey that offers growth, learning, and financial rewards. It is an opportunity to showcase trading prowess, enhance skills, and cultivate a successful trading career.

    Benefits of being an FTMO Trader:

    • Access to significant capital for trading
    • Profit split that provides additional income
    • Operational freedom to trade according to individual strategies

    FTMO Trading provides traders with a professional trading environment, where they can focus on what they do best – trading. With access to the necessary tools, support, and resources, FTMO Traders can maximize their trading potential and achieve their financial goals.

    “Becoming an FTMO Trader has completely transformed my trading experience. I now have the resources and support I need to take my trading to the next level. The profit split is also a significant bonus, allowing me to earn even more from my successful trades.” – Sarah Johnson, FTMO Trader

    Embark on your own FTMO trading journey and take advantage of the opportunities it offers. It’s time to unleash your trading potential and achieve financial success!

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    As traders look to enhance their trading journey, it is essential to explore additional resources and related links that can provide valuable information and tools. These resources play a vital role in empowering traders to improve their trading skills and achieve success in the market.

    One valuable resource for traders is FTMO’s trading platform, which offers a user-friendly interface and advanced features to facilitate seamless trading. Traders can leverage the platform’s tools and functionalities to execute trades efficiently and stay updated with market trends.

    In addition to the trading platform, FTMO provides access to a wide range of trading resources. Traders can access educational materials that cover various aspects of trading, including risk management strategies, technical analysis techniques, and trading psychology. These resources help traders build a strong foundation of knowledge and equip them with the skills necessary for successful trading.

    Furthermore, FTMO offers access to performance coaches who provide guidance and support throughout the trading journey. These coaches have a wealth of experience in the financial markets and assist traders in improving their trading strategies, managing emotions, and achieving consistent profitability.

    Risk Warning: 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs . You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money